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Every month across Australia’s capital city ports and surrounds, thousands of transport companies, importers & exporters, stevedores, intermodal terminals, freight forwarders and others handle Australia’s containerised freight task.

Even when practices are optimal, each container is lifted or transported at least 7 times involving specialised equipment, vehicles and trailers, as well as by people whose very jobs rely on increasing productivity to survive the squeeze on business margins, rising costs and stringent regulations.

CTAA is a business dedicated to providing direct business support and consulting services to assist individual companies, governments, and via collective action by groups of companies, to address issues affecting the whole sector of industry.

By becoming part of the Alliance your business will receive:

Consultancy and Business Support – direct professional business support, and in alliance with key service providers;

Action Groups – Achieving outcomes through relevant and focussed groups brought together to address particular impediments to business efficiency and productivity;

Information Delivery – timely updates on regulatory, strategic, labour and operational issues;

Advocacy a single voice for the container transport industry to governments and to all stakeholders in the chain;

Safety and Compliance –  safety and compliance tools specific to the container transport logistics industry; and

Training & Events – training, workforce development and targeted events.

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