Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) offers a fresh approach to supporting businesses whose success depends on efficient and productive container transport logistics chains.

Container transport is a tough but vital part of Australia’s economy. All businesses in the sector face strategic and operational challenges, including:

  • Improving operational relationships between transport operators, stevedores, shipping lines, container parks, freight forwarders, and importers / exporters
  • Dealing with an increasingly more stringent regulatory environment
  • Implementing better health & safety compliance regimes
  • Adapting to rapid changes in technology
  • Countering rising costs and a squeeze on margins
  • Addressing inadequate infrastructure
  • Tackling impediments to greater productivity
  • Addressing people challenges, including an ageing workforce and the need for skills improvements

CTAA provides business support, consulting and advocacy services to companies to address these challenges, collectively and individually.

“We have the passion and expertise to help companies achieve better productivity, safety, compliance, technology and people development. Where necessary, we draw companies together to tackle the challenges collectively. Equally though, we work with companies to address their individual needs.”

Neil Chambers & Gerard Langes ,Directors, CTAA