Increasingly, technology uptake is becoming essential to improve the management and efficiency of container transport logistics, and to assist with regulatory compliance.

Significant progress has been made by commercial vendors in providing new and innovative solutions. These technologies are designed to improve, accelerate and streamline the information exchange process, and to assist companies to meet their legal obligations. These technologies can also assist in removing business waste, such as futile trips, demurrage, detention and multiple data entry.

Yet, technology uptake by itself is not enough. Optimal outcomes are only achieved if genuine operational change management accompanies the roll out of enabling technologies.

CTAA works with technology providers, governments, regulators, and industry stakeholders to:

  • Improve understanding about existing and emerging technologies and their potential benefits for the container transport logistics industry; and
  • Assist stakeholders to implement changed business strategies and operational practices to optimise freight flows and interfaces between stakeholders in the chain.

CTAA also helps individual businesses to design and implement change management projects necessary to ensure maximum return on investment in new technologies.