Our Successes

Initiatives Undertaken

CTAA has worked individually and collectively with companies to address issues such as;

  • The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal inquiry into the wharf and port sector
  • HPFV access at higher mass in Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales
  • Container Weight Declarations
  • ACCC – Container Stevedoring Monitoring Report
  • Parliamentary Inquiry in the Port of Melbourne Lease
  • Empty Container Management
  • Port Access – Transurban Western Distributor Proposal in Melbourne and Freight Link in Fremantle
  • Port Supply Chain Awareness
  • Intelligent Transport System Trials
  • Stevedore Carrier Access Agreements
  • Road Authority Safety campaigns.


Thanks for the excellent job you did (facilitating the electronic data exchange discussion in Sydney), and for your notes on the outcomes …. I’m quite sure that we will be discussing this issue with you and others (further) in the near future.

Doug Brindal

Manager Logistics, Fremantle Ports

Congratulations on establishing Container Transport Alliance Australia. Containerchain looks forward to working closely with you in this dynamic sector of the freight transport industry.

Luke Duffy

CEO, Containerchain Pty. Ltd

Thanks Neil/Gerard.  The most positive meeting I have heard for a long time from council.  Great work.



Rick Verdino

Managing Director, Sidelink

CTAA is commencing as a consultancy and business support firm specialising in container transport operations around Australia. Both Directors are extremely well known within all levels of government, industry, infrastructure partners and within the supply chain.

Adam Arkinstall

Managing Director, Butler Freight Services Pty. Ltd